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Outside General Counsel Services

Having access to outside general counsel allows your company to consult with and enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney without hiring full-time “in-house” counsel. For many businesses, hiring a full-time legal team may not be economically feasible or practical, but at some point, consulting with a business attorney is essential for all companies. Whether a business has employment issues, regulatory concerns, the need for updated or new corporate documents, or simply requires assistance in daily company matters, outside general counsel gives your company the freedom to obtain legal help as needed, rather than staffing a full legal department.

As outside general counsel, we work closely with our corporate clients to ensure client-centered and cost-effective solutions for legal issues confronting clients on a daily basis. Our firm offers fractional or outside general counsel services, providing advice and counsel on a wide range of legal issues facing businesses. We proactively participate in your company’s day-to-day business and operations on an as-needed basis, offering litigation support, compliance and regulatory review, along with general business and employment matters.

As your first line of defense, we review our clients’ business and legal issues, providing tailored strategies and solutions. In our role as outside general counsel, we also work with and retain other attorneys that may need to represent our clients in various states or legal matters, ensuring that our client’s interests remain protected while ensuring clear and effective communication and problem-solving. Our firm offers cost-efficient legal services without the usual expense in taking on a full-time general counsel.