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Civil Litigation For The Protection Of Your Interests

If you are searching for a civil litigator, it likely means that either you are the target of a lawsuit or you need to bring legal action against a person or organization. In either case, it is essential to get legal counsel that you can trust. In particular, the lawyers whom you consult with should help you weigh the risks and potential benefits of fighting through your case in a particular way, whether it’s through negotiations, mediation or representation at trial.

To discuss your litigation needs and goals with an experienced, accomplished civil litigation attorney in the Jacksonville area, get in touch with The Gibson Law Firm, P.A. Our lawyers have more than 25 combined years of litigation experience in legal areas such as real estate, commercial and business law, and general litigation. They are well-prepared business and property dispute attorneys who are ready to take on complex issues on your behalf.

Ways In Which Our Attorneys Can Advocate For You In Civil Litigation

When our lawyers represent you as a plaintiff or defendant in civil litigation, they will work closely with you to determine the most advantageous ways of maximizing your potential for success, whether you are pursuing or responding to legal action. The answers may emerge through:

  • Investigations into the facts of the case
  • A review of relevant legal precedents
  • An in-depth analysis of the factual and persuasive paths to meeting the burden of proof on behalf of a plaintiff or defendant

Our lawyers may prove that your opponent breached a contract or, if you are the defendant, that you did not breach a contract. They might prove that you experienced workplace discrimination or did not discriminate against an employee or someone else. They will prepare arguments capable of winning over a judge or jury.

At all times, our attorneys will keep you aware of the risks and potential benefits of taking a case to trial, accepting a settlement offer or pursuing any other resolutions.

What Issues Are Leading You To Civil Litigation?

No matter what is at stake or how you became embroiled in legal controversies, the next step is clear and obvious: Get an attorney’s insights and work with the right one to help you put the case behind you.

Initial consultations are free, and you will not need to pay us unless you recover compensation. To schedule a consultation, call 866-342-3099 or send an email inquiry.